General English, (Pre) TOEFL iBT, GRE

I am studying and conducting research at Concordia University in English Language, and I have taught general English and TOEFL iBT at the institute of applied science technology and Isfahan University of technology since 2015. I, currently, hold private and semi-private classes for students who would like to achieve good results in their TOEFL and/or GRE tests. Classes are mainly via SKYPE (audio, video, desktop Sharing) and has shown good results and feedbacks. You can find more information about classes or download some useful materials for your test below:


1. TOEFL iBT Words and Phrases

This collection is provided for students who want to take the TOEFL or improve their knowledge of vocabulary and word usage. These words and phrases have been collected by me from different dictionaries, test preps (Barron’s, Oxford, TPO etc.), and original materials. I recommend focusing on the collocation, the meaning and the usage of words, and their dictation. For using this collection, you must install Anki application on your computer and/or cell phone. If you install the app in two devices simultaneously, you will be able to edit these words and synchronize the app at any time you want. Use the following links to download:


  1. TOEFl iBT Words and Phrases-Part1 (100 words and phrases)
  2. TOEFL iBT Words and Phrases-FULL (1115 words and phrases) (for my students, only > send me an email)
  3. Anki Application-Direct Link
  4. Anki Application-Indirect Link


2. (Pre) TOEFL iBT Class (IUT)-Summer 2016

In the summer 2016, the Industrial Engineering Student Association held three English classes (Pre-TOEFL and TOEFL iBT) and I was the instructor. Fortunately, theses classes finished successfully with a great satisfcation and feedback from many of its students.

3. Future Seminars and Classes

If interested, please send me an empty email which its subject is "future classes". I will inform you whenever related seminars and classes are available.

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