About me :

Researcher and Teacher : doing practical research on Industry 4.0 for manufacturing optimization; teaching English as a Second Language to help English learners 

I am studying as a thesis-based master's student in Industrial Engineering at Concordia University. I recently graduated from a 5-year compact program at Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, with two bachelor's degrees in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. During my undergrad, I was involved in Joubin Robotic Group for about 3 years, with VP Finance and President positions, and worked with Prof. Ahmadreza Pishevar for building different meteorological robots. For my final bachelor's project, I worked with Prof. Mehdi Bijari on optimizing lot-sizing and scheduling problems encounterd in industrial sectors.

Thanks to different ESL Teacher Training Courses (TTC) and intensive studies, I started teaching English Language and TOEFL iBT in 2015. I currently work with Dr. M. Kazemi-Zanjani and Dr. R. Wuthrich as research and teaching assistant at Concordia University and teach ESL as my second activity. When I don't work, I spend time playing professioanl table tennis, thinking about new ideas and hiking.

If you think either I can help you in a case or we can have a collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me. I truly embrace volunteer work, novel ideas and new challenges.



  • Concordia University Graduate's Master Fellowship, 2016
    (merit scholarship)
  • 2x Annual Talented IUT Student Scholarship, 2014
    (Inter-University Table Tennis Championship + Joubin Robotic Group)
  • 2x Annual Talented IUT Student Scholarship, 2013
    (Academic Standing + Inter-University Table Tennis Championship)
  • Annual Talented IUT Student Scholarship, 2012
    (Academic Standing)







Educations :

Research Interests :

  • Industry 4.0
  • The Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Operation Research
  • Management Information Systems
  • Reliabilty Engineering
  • Engineering Management